New SimCity BuildIt guidelines, Methods and tactics

SimCity BuildIt provides lots of challenges for players who enjoy city-building and resource-collecting games. These pointers, simcity buildit hack and tactics can help flourishing city-planners away by ensuring their city’s starting foundation is as solid as possible.

Plan Ahead

Every time you set a residential zone in SimCity BuildIt, keep in mind that if the zone isn’t covered by the necessary city services, the building will finally become abandoned and won’t create any tax income for you. That is awful.

You would like to get the most coverage possible, so placing a fire station directly from the corner of your town zone is not the smartest move, since the fire station’s area of effect will be overflowing to the deadzone, where you can’t build.

Additionally, keep in mind that factories and service buildings don’t need to be covered by firefighter/police/etc. protection. Notice the way in the picture above I have positioned my two fire stations to quilt the residential areas, but abandoned the industrial buildings (bottom left) well from this zone.

Sell Your Excess

Your factories should always be functioning. As you play, queue up a few of the resources with the faster turn-around, and before you leave the game to go do something else, then queue up a few of the tools that take prolonged amounts of time to produce.

Sometimes thought bubbles pop up using a golden coin in them. If they’re popped, a town informant tells you of their potential to sell your funds for a few coins. Unless the deal is actually weak, it’s best to always sell the lower-tier tools, since you can always get them back in a few minutes using the factories anyway.

No Paving or Relocation Fees

There is no expense to up-rooting a residential area and plopping it down into another acceptable site. Same goes factories and town services such as government buildings and plants. There is also no charge for paving streets.

With this in mind, it can make getting from a poorly-planned scenario super easy: just extend the street out and fold it around, or simply drag it into a dead-end. Then move the buildings that you will need to move from the way to the freshly-paved street, then rotate the buildings and out as necessary. When you’re all done you can delete the new street, or simply leave it as is and have it become part of your town.

The Road to Nowhere Success

Dead-ends are your buddies in SimCity BuildIt.

Look at my town in the picture above; note that stretching from the side of my town is a long street all by itself? At the end of the road is the sewage processing plants that keep my town smelling fresh. They themselves smell awful, and that’s the reason why they are all the way up there.

Because streets are free, there’s absolutely no reason why you need ton’t keep those stinky buildings (factories included) as far away from your own residents as possible. While their place comes with an area-of-effect stink-zone, their services provided don’t. As long as they’re attached to the street, they will service the town, however far out you place them. There is certainly several simcity buildit cheats to meet your needs.

Expand With Caution

I discovered that I was always getting access to more residential areas than I could encourage.

After a bit, I realized that’s ok, and instead I concentrated my efforts on enhancing what I already had.

Resist the temptation to fill your entire map with buildings and streets. Focus on some of the map to begin with, or you will only be stretching your resources too thin and will have difficulty making much progress. Bear in mind, the larger the building is, the more people are able to live in it, and most of those folks will pay you taxes.